About Us


At Bridal Bells, we understand many brides’ desire to participate in the design of their engagement ring, and we have produced thousands of custom rings as a result. But some women find the process of custom design confusing, costly, and difficult. That’s why we created Dynamix.

Dynamix separates the two key elements of the ring- the top (which jewelers call the ‘head’), and the bottom (which jewelers call the ‘shank’), so that an amazing array of different rings can be created, all without the need of going through the complicated process of completely designing a custom ring. And since we’ve produced so many custom rings, we have a really good idea of which design elements seem to be at the top of most women’s lists when it comes to style and functionality. We’ve incorporated the most popular features into the Dynamix Collection, so you can create exactly the ring you want, without all the hassles of custom design.

You’ve already got exactly the right guy. With Dynamix, you can make sure you get Exactly the right ring.